Our Services

There is only one reason we are here, and that is to help you find sound solutions to the problems you face, and be able to get them in a timely fashion. We have built processes aligned to ensure you get there, easily and simply.

Freehold Energy Partners offers:

Agricultural Operational Efficiency Consulting Solutions

Agricultural Operational Efficiency Consulting Solutions with assessment of operations through energy audits and operational audits to bring immediate value to our clients.

Expansion Capital Solutions

to construct new or expanded agricultural operations to build economies of scale, capture operational efficiencies, and adopt new agricultural technologies to meet growing agricultural demand and help our farmers capture market opportunities, And through its subsidiary Freehold Energy RNG, LLC provides

Land Access Acceleration System

with ready capital to execute before deals are in public realm to purchase land off-market for animal farm expansion.

Project Development, financing, construction and operation of renewable natural gas facilities

for increased agricultural profits and operational cost savings to help our farmers not only survive but thrive in the next economy agriculture.

It doesn’t need to be a struggle for you or your team. You need the right advisory expertise, the right project development capability, and a team of partners brought together who understand the next economy agriculture to help you get where you need to go and thrive.

To find out more, and start your journey to the next economy, send us a quick note on what your problem or need is, and we will take it from there. Email us at contact@dev.freeholdenergypartners.com


Ready for a 3rd eye to help find energy and operation efficiencies to increase cashflow?

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