Our Team

CW Alexander B.Sc. Chem Eng.

Freehold Energy Partners, LLC

CW, Managing Director & co-founder of Freehold Energy Partners, LLC, is a Market Development and Project Development Executive with over 36 years experience in greenfield & brownfield developments & private and public board and operating experience in start-ups, international markets, public and private equity and construction financing, by-product marketing, multi-site operations management, engineering, construction, project management, industrial technology development and commercialization, and social media B2B marketing.

Highly customer focused developer with proven track record in delivery of over $400 million in industrial projects in multiple industries, including biogas and renewable energy, environmental, power, refining, fertilizer products, refining, chemicals, oilsands, natural gas liquids, industrial water technology, pipeline, and multi-family real estate development.

CW has expertise in corporate strategy, marketing strategy, acquisitions, divestitures and joint venture execution and is a technically advanced leader with innate ability to understand customer needs with creative skills to commercialize new products to existing and new clientele.

CW received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, furthering his education in marketing, and INSEAD Financial Business Operations. CW has funded and helped non-profits’ “housing first” priorities for men recovered from addiction seeking supportive long- term housing. CW also founded a political party and ran as a candidate in the 2019 election to help build a brighter, more prosperous future for his children and future generations.

Contact: calexander@freeholdenergyrng.com


Craig Lasseter

Freehold Energy Partners, LLC

Craig, Managing Director and co-founder of Freeholder Energy Partners, LLC. Craig has 36 years of Executive, Business Development, Marketing and Operations Management with Air Liquide, the last 8 years with Air Liquide in Market Development for new technologies, specifically in the Energy and Biogas market.

More recently Craig has been working with Startup Biogas developers consulting on Channel Development and Investment Structures.

Craig has a business degree from The University of Alberta majoring in Marketing & Economics

Contact: classeter@freeholdenergyrng.com

Carter Wolf

Associate & Senior Financial Analyst
Freehold Energy Partners, LLC

Carter Wolf is an associate and senior financial analyst of Freehold Energy Partners, LLC. With an in-depth knowledge of the LCFS, RIN and renewable natural gas new economy financial markets, Carter provides in-depth analysis in the economic viability of waste to energy projects, corporate debt and equity financing valuations, and brings management team experience building key financing relationships with joint venture partners, gas marketers, investment bankers and lenders to meet Freehold’s corporate strategic objectives. Carter has worked previously as a financial analyst and in financings in the biogas and biodiesel industries.

Carter received a BS in Economics from the University of Iowa, and a further MS in Finance, having further taught both economics and finance at the University of Iowa.

Contact: cwolf@freeholdenergyrng.com


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